Message from The Principal

MEIJO commits to support each student so strongly that he/she can achieve the self-realization. Our purpose of education is to provide our unique education based on the accordance with "Chi (Knowledge)," "Toku (Virtue)" and "Tai (Body)." So, we work hard to enhance students' enthusiasm for learning and to foster their disciplined life.


Enhance students' enthusiasm for learning and improve their basic academic skills
Foster students' healthy mind and body through strict discipline
Foster students' ability to take action with their own judgment
Foster students' zest for living, which is the origin of creative ability

School Scale

The number of students 1946

The number of classes 53


Nagoya Science and Technology Course - the origin of MEIJO - was established.

The name of school was changed to "Meijo University Senior High School."

New school building was built.

General Course became coeducational.

Integrated Course became coeducational.

MEIJO was adopted as Super Science High School (SSH).

New gymnasium was built.

MEIJO was adopted as SSH (a second term)

MEIJO was adopted as the core of schools of SGH

MEIJO was adopted as Super Global High School (SGH)