SSH & SGH/WWL Super Science High School
Super Global High School / World Wide Learning


The “Super Science High School” Project was launched by The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2002. This project aims to prioritize the education of science, technology, and mathematics in order to cultivate excellent human resources in these fields.
MEIJO is proud to have received the SSH designation in April 2006, and ever has been working to fulfill our goals of research and development. The hard work was recognized in April of this year, when MEIJO was awarded the designation for a further 5 years. We are very happy to further pursue the stated goals of the SSH Project.

Research and Development Objectives

In cooperation with industry and academia, MEIJO is actively promoting independent-minded learning and, with career support always in mind, we make every effort to enable our graduates to excel in their chosen specialties.
We continue to hold conferences and presentations wherein all schools awarded SSH status in Tokai area can work together productively to bring forth research that will prove to be of use to our students as they take their places as leaders in the fields of science and technology in Japan and beyond.
On top of this, we continue to encourage international understanding and cooperation through overseas study tours and, in coordination with universities and academic institutions abroad and in Japan, nurture education in a wide range of areas.

To cultivate International Leaders in Science and Technology throughout Upper Secondary School and University Facilitating Mental Literacy and Salon Study

1. We endeavor to supply full careers support to our students for the entirety of their time throughout upper secondary school and university.
2. We offer full educational support, through our exemplary remedial program, to ensure that all involved maintain the high level expectation of students taking part in this worthwhile program.
3. In conducting conferences and symposiums, we will continue to strive to fully integrate our students into the worlds of industry and academia.

WWL / SGH Network

Meijo University High School has been designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a “Super Global High School (SGH)” (from 2014 to 2018)* for its high-level education in specific fields. The purpose of the SGH/WWL program is to develop global citizens who can play an active role internationally.
In order to raise the curiosity of our students and foster an attitude of self-directed learning, we offer not only an advanced curriculum, but also many initiatives in cooperation with universities and companies in Japan and abroad. We build the qualities that will enable students to play an active role in society and in the world.

*After the SGH designation period, the school has been a WWL partner school since 2020. Since 2021, the school has been recognized as an SGH Network participating school.

Research Task

In cooperation with universities and companies, our students study the global issues facing industry in Aichi within four different types of framework, which include: “working with diverse groups of people”, “living with diverse groups of people”, “working for the globalization of Japanese companies”, “getting involved with global issues relating to different regions and companies”.


1. Research Project
From the first year, we will introduce the students to Project-Based-Learning, which leads into their individual thesis papers. We then hold a conference where the students present their research along with other super global high schools in the Tokai area.

2. Overseas Fieldwork
We conduct fieldwork so that the students can learn about global and social issues, not only in Japan, but also from working with foreign companies, organizations and institutions. Through these activities, we strive to help our students develop a more multilateral perspective.

3. Language Skills
We help cultivate our students’ English ability through various classes such as our English presentation classes. We also encourage our students to go out and try for various language certifications and qualifications.